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Chapter 280 I Just Cant!

  • Brian can see something is on Elizabeth’s mind. He knows this has to be hard for her to deal with. Here with all these people for a woman she really disliked. If he had to admit it, to himself, he didn’t like being here either. It felt fake, like he wasn’t where he should be. It was time to say goodbye to Victoria and all that came with her. It just seemed as if life wouldn't let him.
  • Brian goes up to Elizabeth kissing her cheek.
  • ” Babe, I think its time for us to go. What do you think?” Brian asks.
  • “I have never been more ready to leave somewhere.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Good, Tyler is going to go home with his grandparents for a few days. They want to spend some time with him. That will give you a break as well.” Brian says.
  • “Is he OK with this? I don’t mind him being with us.” Elizabeth answers.
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