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Chapter 262 Totaled.

  • Matt waits in front of the office, trying to call Victoria over and over again, getting no answer. After a while, he just goes back to his own office and goes back to work feeling, what is she up to now? Here we go again!
  • Brian stays in his office getting more work done waiting on Adam, also seeing he is late for their lunch date, which pisses him off, but he stays silent. Just feeling Adam is blowing him off, which doesn’t surprise him in any way. He figured he couldn’t handle having a serious conversation. Not to mention, how much Adam was hiding.
  • After a few, Adam rushes into the Office going straight to Brian’s office.
  • “Hey, I am sorry I am late, I was trying to get to the office from the courthouse, but the street only a few blocks from here is blocked off. There was a terrible accident. At least four cars were involved and it took me forever to get back to the office with all the delays and traffic. We may have to postpone our lunch. ” Adam states.
  • “Yea I guess so, maybe dinner then? I am sure we can work something out?” Brian answers.
  • “Of course, I just wanted you to know, I was looking forward to having lunch with you. Just things got out of my hands.” Adams states.
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