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Chapter 249 Telling It All.

  • “Your mother and I met when we were young, We fell in love and got married. Your mother wanted to have children right away, so we tried and nothing happened for a long time. We were married for a few years before having you, Brian.” Ron states.
  • “Well, if you couldn’t have children, how the hell was I created?” Brian asks.
  • “At the time, I didn’t really know, that I couldn’t have children. I thought you were mine. When your mother told me, I was very excited about having a child. We tried for so long and nothing. The doctor said that it happens a lot and thought nothing about it either. After you were born and came out with blonde peach fuzz and blue eyes, I wondered. You looked nothing like me or my family, your mother had brown eyes and hair also, so it made me wonder where the blue eyes and blonde hair was coming from. Then sometimes it can be from down the line and be nothing. So I shrugged it off, trying to enjoy the family that I always wanted until Sean was born and it happened it again. The only consistent thing was you two looked alike, just not nothing from me.” Ron answers.
  • “Yea maybe it was down the line or something. How do you really know we are not yours?” Sean asks.
  • “At the time, we were best friends with Adam and his wife. Not so much his wife as him. He was trying to work himself up in a firm and even got me a job. He spent a lot of time at our home, me and him going over cases and doing out best to build ourselves up. He was ruthless and knew exactly what he wanted. I just didn’t know besides the job, he wanted my wife.” Ron says.
  • “Adam? You can’t be serious. He has been in our lives our whole life. He never said a thing about being with our mother. Or the possibility of him being our father.” Brian comments.
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