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Chapter 245 Telling Sean The News.

  • Brian sits there, and gives Sean a Call, wanting to tell him, what is going on also what he knew. He also wanted to see if Sean was still on board for this. He really needed for him to be, He just knew this was a touchy subject.
  • “Hey bro, what's up?” Sean asks.
  • “I heard from the detective, he said he found him. He will meet up with us. He doesn’t want a relationship but has to tell us something. So he is willing to meet with us, and answer our questions.” Brian says.
  • “Well, isn’t that special of him? Where does he want to meet?“Sean asks.
  • “It was for us to pick. What do you think?” Brian answers.
  • “First, I think he is a real ass. What does he want to say? That he hasn’t been in our life all these years because he is a jerk? We already know that. I understand that relationships don't work, but there was no need to leave us behind. He could have at least called once in a while. Ask how we were?” Sean replies.
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