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Chapter 244 New Findings.

  • Brian goes on with his day, doing his best to get everything done. Spending most of it in court on a case, not able to be at the office most of the day.
  • Once the case is over, he then heads back to the office, where it's later in the day. He takes a seat at his desk and finally has a breath of fresh air, while he checks his phone. He sees there is a message from the private investigator.
  • “Hey Brian, when you get this please call me,” he says.
  • Brian quickly dials the number to see what is new and going on.
  • “Hey man, I finally got your message, I’m sorry, it has been a really busy day, today,” Brian says.
  • “No problem, I just wanted to let you know, that we found him, and he is willing to talk to you and Sean. He did say, you might not like what he has to say, but he feels its good to see you,” he replies.
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