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Chapter 239 Maturity.

  • Brian goes to get him and Elizabeth some drinks, while Elizabeth is standing next to the deck, looking over it at the river, Victoria comes up to her.
  • “Hello, thank you for coming to my dinner,” Victoria says.
  • Elizabeth turns to look at her, not sure this is the same woman she talked to in the past.
  • “Your welcome. Congratulations on the baby.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Thank you, I know in the past, I wasn’t very nice to you. I did my best to hurt you, you just had something I always thought I would. I see now that, I have to work on what I do have, and let go of the past. So I am sorry.” Victoria replies.
  • Elizabeth stands there in shock, not believing what she just heard. Just taking everything in, and staying as calm as she could. Trying not to rehash the past, and all the hurt caused by Victoria's thoughtless actions.
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