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Chapter 238 Meeting Victoria’s Mother.

  • They all get into the car and drive into New York, that is where the boathouse row restaurant was. Elizabeth was excited, she loved seafood and she never was there before. Brian just smiles at her as he drives, knowing he is going to walk in with her by his side this makes him happy.
  • “Babe, whatever Victoria says tonight Please just let it go,” Brian says.
  • “I have every intention of it, I just hate that she thinks, she can get away with some of the things, she does and says. I am just hoping that now that she is trying with Matt, she will be more civil. Maybe we can at least be around each other without any turmoil.” Elizabeth states.
  • “I am hoping the same. That last time I talked to her, she was her old normal self. she could be reasoned with and wanted to try. I am hoping that’s the same now, I just know how she is. Her mother and father should be at this thing as well.” Brian replies.
  • “I wonder how many are going to be here? Did she make it a huge affair or just family?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “I am not sure, To be honest, I am thinking just family. As I said she isn’t too fond of her.” Brian answers.
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