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Chapter 237 Getting Ready For The Dinner Party.

  • Saturday night comes fast, Elizabeth and Brian are getting ready to go to the dinner party. Elizabeth’s mother is still here, so she can take care of the baby. Joan decided to stay the month of September and then head off back to Wisconsin. In one way, she wasn't in any hurry to run home. She loved it here with her daughter, grandson and even Brian.
  • Joan saw how their relationship was so different than the one she had with Ethan. She was so happy about that. This is what she wished her daughter had the whole time. She was just glad she got it now then never. It was something special and she hoped it would last. For the first time, she saw what real love was, it was refreshing to see these two fight for what matters most.
  • Brian and Elizabeth are in their bedroom getting ready for the dinner party. Elizabeth went out and buy a new dress. From what Brian told her, she knew they would be dressed up nice and expensive tonight and she wanted to fit in. Brian had no problem with that, he wanted her to have everything they did and more. He was proud to have her on his arm. She was beautiful and his. It made him beam from ear to ear.
  • Elizabeth puts on her sleeveless black fur-trimmed tight short dress. It hugs every curve of her body like it was made for her. The puffy black fur around her bodice makes the dress look elegant and fancy. She Accessorizes with a bejeweled clutch, extravagant earrings, and her favorite black cutout stilettos for a memorable million dollar look.
  • Brian just stares at her, as he adds his black tie trying to tie it but losing his train of thought just staring at his wife. He sits on the bed and just watches her get dressed, still in awe of this woman standing in front of him.
  • “Are you OK?” Elizabeth asks.
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