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Chapter 233 Telling Margret The News.

  • Adam sits at his desk relieved, that Victoria and Matt are working things out. Also glad that Victoria kept the truth to herself, letting Matt think it's his child. With that, he is also ashamed of himself. This isn’t what he wanted at all. There just wasn’t any going back from this. The truth was too foul to come out. It was better under lock and key. He would still see and know the child, just as grandpa, not father. He just knew this wasn't very fair at all to his son, there just wasn't anything he could do about it.
  • It wouldn’t be like Brian, it would be in his family and have his last name, able to enjoy all the fruits of his labor. He would make sure, he was close to him and knew him well. That wouldn’t be a problem.
  • He knew he had to tell Margret, to get ready for the dinner party, so he leaves the office early to go home and let her know.
  • He gets into his car and drives home to his large house filled with all expensive and glamorous things. He just looks around and smiles to himself, knowing he created all this all on his own. He may suffer in some ways but he had to admit, he had it all in other ways. There were always pros and cons to everything. The pros just outweighed the cons in some areas, or at least he thought so.
  • “Margret my love, I came home to enjoy dinner with you. I would like to talk to you also. ” Adam states kissing her on her cheek.
  • “It's odd seeing you home so early. It must be important. ” Margret answers. This tall thin, brown hair, blue-eyed woman completely put together. There wasn't not even one spec of her out of place.
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