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Chapter 228 Brain & Victoria.

  • The next day comes, and Brian is at work sitting at his desk, thinking about his son. What a mess this was for this innocent child. How he never wished any of this was taking place. He wanted his son to come spend some time with him, and Elizabeth. He enjoyed him being their very much, he wished he was there more often than just on Wednesdays and weekends. He just had to deal with what was.
  • Before he was to call Tyler, he wanted to talk to Victoria, and see if she would even let him come over. He figured it would be better that way, so if she said no, the child wouldn’t be disappointed and Brian would know where he stood. Not putting Tyler in the middle of their conflict.
  • As he sits at his desk, he grabs his cell phone and gives her a call.
  • “Yes?” Victoria says on the third ring.
  • “I just wanted to ask you, how you were? I know things are not going well for you and Matt. Is everything ok with our son?” Brian asks. Figuring being nice would work better, and being an adult as Elizabeth kept saying.
  • “Things are rocky, to say the least. Matt hasn’t been home in a while. I am not sure, he is even going to come home. Our son is fine a little upset about Matt but taking it like a champ.” Victoria replies.
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