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Chapter 227 Real Talk..

  • Brian carries Elizabeth up to their bedroom, so he can get unchanged and talk to Elizabeth. He lightly puts her down on their bed kissing her. Then he goes to take off his suit jacket that was in his way earlier.
  • “After I took care of the extra case, I had today, thanks to Matt, which I nailed. I did get to call the investigator.” Brian says, taking off the rest of his clothes.
  • “Really? Great, what did he say?” Elizabeth asks sitting on the bed.
  • “Ron said it wouldn’t be a problem, he did warn me, that he might not want to be found or bothered. But I already knew that it wasn’t something, I didn’t think about before entering this. It's been in the back of my mind the whole time.” Brian states.
  • “Yes, we know there is a chance of that, I would hope he would at least talk to you and explain, even if nothing more comes out of it.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “I hope the same, but I guess we will see. He said he will call me when he gets any info. I know him for a while and he is very good at his job. So I am sure, he will find him in no time.” Brian replies.
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