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Chapter 226 Wondering.

  • Brian pulls up into the driveway, seeing Matt’s car pull out and drive away. His first thought is what the hell is he doing at his home? What did he say or do to cause problems? At the moment, he was seeing him just as bad as he saw Victoria. He knew in some ways, she was rubbing off on Matt and they were not good ways.
  • Brian hurries up and parks the car, not able to wait to get inside to make sure Elizabeth was ok. He walks up to the door and opens it, going straight into the kitchen where Elizabeth is.
  • “Your home, I am so glad you got here early. Dinner will be done shortly.” Elizabeth says, going up to him, giving him a tender kiss on the lips.
  • “Babe, what was Matt doing here? What did he want? Did he hurt you or say shit he shouldn’t?” Brian asks.
  • Elizabeth just laughs. “He was here to tell me again about the time you slept with Victoria. She finally came clean with it, and he isn’t taking it too well.” Elizabeth states.
  • “I am sorry you had to hear that again. Adam came to my office today to tell me this, and give me another case. I should have texted you about it, I just thought, we would discuss it tonight. I never thought he would come here to tell you. What did he want to get out of that?” Brian asks.
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