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Chapter 225 Matt’s Rage.

  • Later in the day, Elizabeth is getting dinner ready while baby Zach, and her mother are napping. Elizabeth taking over the daily chores, doing everything on her own again. The way she liked it. While she is putting the chicken in the oven, she hears a knock at the door. She quickly goes and answers it, wondering who it could be.
  • When she gets to the door, she looks out the peephole to see Matt, her curiosity gets the better of her to see him here. Since he never visited them at home before.
  • “Matt is everything OK?” Elizabeth says opening the door.
  • “No, I need to talk to you please.” Matt answers.
  • Elizabeth taking note that he is a bit drunk, and wondering what the hell he wants.
  • “Sure, but are you ok? You seem a little intoxicated.” Elizabeth says.
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