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Chapter 223 Detective.

  • Brian just sits at his desk, wondering what the hell Victoria was trying to get at. He felt that was the stupidest thing, she could have ever done. Then he felt, she just loved to make drama and problems. So what else was new? It probably was just a way to get attention, the attention she so often sought.
  • He puts her in the back of his mind, as he knows he has his own work and Matt’s to do now because of her. His calling the investigator would have to wait till later on. As now, he had to go to court and work on this extra case. He sits at his desk, trying to get up to date with it and figure out what to do. Which doesn’t take him long at all. Adam was right, he was the man for the job. He was better at this than he ever expected to be.
  • He gets up from his desk grabbing his jacket, and suitcase and heads out of his office to the garage. Getting into his black four-door car to go to the courthouse.
  • When he gets there, he sees that Adam is there, which only makes him wonder, why he didn’t just take the case on himself. Why he was giving it to him. He wondered a lot of things about Adam. A lot just never added up, he just didn’t know why. Or really have the time to think it over. He was just too busy lately. And he would shrug most of it off, just feeling that Adam saw them grow up and felt a bit closer to him, then if he hadn't. Never really thinking he could be something more then he appeared to be.
  • After the case is over, Brian is relieved everything went well. He sees Adam give him a nod and walk out of the courtroom. Was this a test? Brian wondered. Feeling if so he passed it. IF Matt was going to be preoccupied with Victoria, Brian was going to take advantage of it. He worked hard enough, why not? Then he really didn’t have to worry. Adam said he was going to let him run the company. Which was another thing that made him think.
  • He really wasn’t family, why was he doing that? He also didn't want anyone thinking it was just handed to him. If he was going to get this, he was going to work for it, fair and square, he was going to be better at this then even Matt was. Showing him, that anything that Adam was going to give him, was earned. Brian wasn't taking any handouts. Even when he was down and out, he never did. He would just work harder to get where he had to be. It seemed so far to be working, as he finally has gotten everything he ever wanted and more.
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