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Chapter 218 Going Home.

  • The next morning comes way too quickly for Brian and Elizabeth. It was time to get themselves back on the road and head home. They both get up and get dressed making sure they pack everything up to head to the car. They were only in PA so it wouldn’t be that long of a drive to get home. It would give them a little bit more time to be alone together.
  • Brian also knew once, he got home he wanted to talk to Sean. He wanted to ask him how he felt about looking up their father. He wanted to know what his opinion on things, and if he should really open this door or not. It was something that has been on his mind this whole trip, and even before. He just wasn’t willing, to be honest about it. He knew Elizabeth was there for him no matter what and it made him feel a lot better.
  • “Are you ready to go home babe?” Brian asks as they get into the car.
  • “Yes, more than ready. I miss our son so much. I can’t wait to hold him.” Elizabeth says.
  • “I am sure he will like that. You are a very good mother and I am glad we have a child together.” Brian says with a smile.
  • “Me too, I wish things would have been better, while I was carrying him. There were so many things we didn’t get to experience the right way. That really bothers me.” Elizabeth admits.
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