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Chapter 213 Did You Fix this?

  • A few days later, Adam goes to see Victoria again. He wants to find out what is going on, and if she has taken care of things. He was very upset about what was taking place for many reasons. This wasn’t something he wanted or planned. He thought she would have been smarter than to get pregnant. It was just something, he couldn’t fix or change at the moment. He just wanted to make sure she would. This would make things even worse if it ever came to light.
  • Adam pulls up to the mansion-like home, feeling that Matt would be at the office like always. He walks to the door and opens it with the key like he normally does every week.
  • “Dad, What are you doing here?” Matt says.
  • “I could ask the same? Why are you not at work?” Adam asks.
  • “I was just heading there, I overslept,” Matt says with a smile.
  • Victoria entering the room, “Matt here is something for lunch.“She says handing him a bag and kissing him on his lips.
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