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Chapter 204 Club Heat.

  • Brian finds a parking space and parks the car, letting Elizabeth catch her breath.
  • “Where are we going?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “We are going to the club, where I use to be the bouncer. I am going to show you a night, that I use to have. Let you meet some of my old friends too.” Brian says.
  • “That sounds great, I never have been to a club. This will be my first time.” Elizabeth confides.
  • “I like that, I like having firsts with you. I will make sure it's a fun time you remember.” Brian smirks.
  • Elizabeth and Brian get out of the car and walk up to a club, the bouncer outside the New York City club, letting all the beautiful ladies in. Brian and Elizabeth walk up to this tall large black man standing at the front of the door.
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