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Chapter 201 Black Lash.

  • At the end of the night, Brian and Elizabeth head back to their hotel, Monica taking the ride with them.
  • “Do you think things will be OK?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “It should be fine, as long as your Ex, shuts up. We don’t need him to add anything more to this. I told you his interview would cause people to ask questions. He made people believe that you two were happy, and it's all Brian’s fault that you got divorced. Not to mention, the baby. There has been a lot of rumors flying.” Monica answers.
  • “There was no need for him to add the baby or any of it, he was pissed, made things a mess but, I believe he is over that at the moment. People posted tonight all over, it's on YouTube, Facebook, and more. I wasn’t even sure what to answer.” Elizabeth says.
  • “You did fine, there shouldn’t be any backlash. You made it clear your with Brian and he is your husband. A lot didn't know you two got married since it was low key. That seems to be the big thing out of everything you said.” Monica remarks.
  • “We didn’t know we had to tell everyone,” Brian says.
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