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Chapter 2 Dreams

  • Elizabeth sat in bed thinking, she had all the time in the world now.
  • “I can write all I want now. I also have a bit more experience in things.” She thought to herself.
  • Feeling it wasn’t all that much experience. She only was with one man in her whole life. Their sex life was boring from the start. Ethan never really lighting a fire under her or taking her breath away. It was just sex with no flair or passion.
  • She just fell in love with him in other ways back then. Never really thinking, if the sex sucks now? What will it be in twenty years? At the time, that didn’t matter to her, she was in love with him, just the way he was her.
  • She always dreamed about getting married and having children. Ethan wanted the same thing. She was looking for her long-term goal. She got it, just nothing else.
  • While Ethan laid there snoozing away, in their queen-size bed, Elizabeth opened her laptop on her lap and started to write. The words just came to her, Flooding her mind, taking her away to somewhere else. Creating characters and a storyline, she could fall in love with. She just kept going as the time flew by. Now being six am in the morning. Time for Ethan to get up, to go to work, and her time to get up to get everyone ready to go.
  • “What in the world are you still doing up? Didn’t you get any sleep? You’re still on that damn computer.” Ethan snaps. Getting himself up from the bed.
  • “Sorry I got lost in a story. I will get your breakfast for you in a minute.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Please do. I need to leave even earlier today for work. I have a lot to do at the dealership. I will be home a little later tonight as well.” Ethan remarks.
  • Elizabeth just nodding. It didn’t matter to her. She gets up from the bed, making him and the girls their breakfast. All of them off to either school or work, except for her. She goes back to her bedroom, sitting on the bed looking at all the chapters she just wrote. Proud of herself, that she did this, she could do it. Maybe finally having something of her own.
  • She goes back to writing more as it continues to flow through her. Thinking more and more about the man she just created. This silver-white haired young man, with his tall and slender build. How she made him a smart ass that could handle himself, yet a man that would protect and love his woman, also being kind and gentle. How she wished, she had someone like him.
  • Writing the love scenes drew her in more. Wanting him to be real and to touch her. Just knowing this was all in her imagination. Yet, he still sent flames through her. Thinking about how his touch, and body would feel against hers. Flames she never felt before with anyone, now finally having them but for someone who wasn't real.
  • When she looks at the time, it is already time for the kids to come home from school. She has to hurry and save her chapters. Running downstairs into the kitchen to make something for dinner. Luckily Ethan said, he would be home later today. That worked on her side. She throws some pasta in boiling water and takes out some pasta sauce. Knowing that would cook up quickly. Throwing a fast salad and garlic bread on the side.
  • “Mom, you are still in your PJ's?” Sofia says.
  • “Yes, I was doing something and I never got the chance to change. Dinner will be done shortly.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Mommy, what are you doing?” Isabella asks. As they all sit down to eat.
  • “Well, to be honest, I am writing. I use to do it when I was younger. I figured since I had a lot of time on my hands. I would start up again.” Elizabeth says.
  • “That sounds great. I would like to read your story.“Sofia says.
  • “I have fifteen chapters already. I will send you it on your computer. Don’t say anything to your father. You know how he is. Let’s just keep this to ourselves. It’s not like its ever going to get published. It’s just for fun.” Elizabeth remarks.
  • “No problem. You need something to do all day. I think. It’s great.” Isabella comments.
  • Finishing their dinner, both girls headed to the bedroom they shared. As Elizabeth cleans up, leaving Ethan his dinner in the microwave for him to heat up.
  • She goes back to her room, writing a little more before passing out old. Its been a long time since she stayed up this long. She felt great being able to write so much in just a short time. Loving what she wrote. Loving her male Character, Zach. Dreaming about him that night. How it would be to touch him, To talk to him. Feeling things inside her, she hasn’t felt in a very long time, If ever.