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Chapter 19 Closeness

  • The rest of there stay in PA is very nice. They go to a few more bookstores. Doing their thing, having fun and enjoying there time together. Their friendship growing.
  • The next state up is New Jersey. Brian loved this one. He was very familiar with it since he lived there all of his life. He was happy to be back. They would be stopping at his hometown which would be fun. No one would even recognize him with the new hairdo and clothes.
  • On their way on the turnpike, it’s very snowy. It’s coming down to the point, where Brian can almost not see where he is going.
  • “Elizabeth I think we may need to stop. It’s getting hard to see.” Brian states.
  • “OK. I see a Holiday Inn. If we turn off here, we can see if they have any rooms. Monica also just messaged me. She told me everything is closed down due to the storm. They will both rescheduled.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “OK. That’s good. There is no way we would make it tonight. I don’t think tomorrow either.” Brian replies. Turning off the exit to get closer to the hotel.
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