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Chapter 186 Getting the best of him.

  • Brian drives home and parks in the driveway, going inside to a quiet house. He sees his mother in law in the kitchen, but no sign of Elizabeth or the baby. He walks into the kitchen to see what is going on, only to find Joan cleaning the dishes after her lunch.
  • “Joan, did Elizabeth go out?” Brian asks.
  • “Yes, she did, she took the baby for a walk. She said she needed some time alone. Did something happen last night? She didn’t seem the same. It seemed like a lot was on her mind.” Joan says.
  • “No, I guess she just wanted to spend some time with the baby,” Brian answers Not wanting to go into things. If Elizabeth didn’t tell her, he wasn't going to.
  • “She just seemed down, I thought after you two got to spend time together last night everything would have been great. She was so excited yesterday to go out and celebrate your win. She wanted some alone time with you. She said she was missing you." Joan says.
  • Brian was hoping the same, but he sees it's still hanging on. It also makes him feel bad that she was so excited and everything was ruined by Victoria if only he would have thrown her out of his office when she walked in, none of this would be taking place. He has so many regrets it's just too late to do anything now.
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