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Chapter 17 Wondering

  • A few weeks go by, they are still in New York, going to different Book Stores, trying to promote the book. Which isn’t doing too bad, since it just started. Online sales are actually doing well. Brian and Elizabeth still work out every day. Even if the hotel or motel they are at doesn’t have a gym, as now they are traveling a bit.
  • Brian has been driving them to each place. Helping as much as he can. Knowing that she doesn’t know her way around. He was ok with being in New York as he has been there before. They still enjoyed hanging out together. They had a very good friendship. Talking to each other. It was nice. They both keep their feelings towards the other to themselves. The spark was still there very strong, just neither of them act on it.
  • They would go to the book signings, get something to eat and head back to their hotel or motel. Sharing a room but it had two beds. It was a little awkward at times. just both of them doing their best not to let on.
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