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Chapter 168 Drop Off.

  • A few hours later, Brian gets a text from his son, letting him know, he will be over tomorrow. He knew the only reason Victoria gave in was so she could see the baby. He didn’t need her to make a scene or cause any trouble. Elizabeth’s family was here, he didn’t want or need any of that. Plus he knew how Elizabeth felt about her.
  • She was still a bit pissed when she came over and told her they slept together. He knew even though Elizabeth kept it to herself that bothered her, it was just before her time. And at the time, so much was going on with Ethan and her own problems. Why Dwell?
  • The following day comes, and Brian goes to work hoping that Victoria waits for him to be home to drop off Tyler. Not wanting her alone with Elizabeth today. Scared she would say or do something damaging. He knew how cold and hurtful Victoria could be, like calling their son a spawn.
  • Elizabeth wouldn’t take to kindly to that and would let her have it. Starting another round, Ethan was a son of a bitch, but Victoria was even worse when you got her started.
  • Brian texts Elizabeth all day making sure that everything was going well. Which it was, she was spending time with her daughters, out shopping with them showing them around even more than she got to for Christmas. Brian was relieved that she wasn’t even home. He hurried up and got into his car and drives home, hoping that he will get there in time. He hated that he had to live this way.
  • Now it seemed, they were done putting up with Ethan and Victoria was back, was she going to behave or be a bitch? He had no clue, he figured he would find that out himself.
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