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Chapter 162 Results.

  • The next day, they both wake up together in each others arms. They hear the baby making noises and up, ready for his day as well. Elizabeth just smiles kissing Brian and heading to the baby's room.
  • She takes care of the child as Brian heads to the office to check mail and make sure everything is under control. He is home, yet not really. His heart and mind are in both places. Elizabeth sees it and at the moment, doesn’t say anything. She knows he wants to be all he can, and she wants the same. She just hopes it doesn't consume him or their home life.
  • She makes breakfast and starts the day like she normally does every day. Just holding the baby in her arms as she does her normal routine. Brian just smiles at the sight every time he sees it. 
  • “You're spoiling him, you know that,” Brian says.
  • “Yep, and I am loving every minute of it,” Elizabeth replies with a smile.
  • Brian just chuckles and takes a seat on the sofa, watching some TV. Finally taking a break from work and sitting down with his family.  Elizabeth sits down next to him curling up as the baby swings in his swing and falls asleep.
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