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Chapter 159 Coming Home.

  • The next morning comes, before Brian knows it, the alarm blaring in his ears. He was so tired, he didn’t even move from the spot he laid down from last night. He rubs his eyes and hits the off button, trying to wake himself up. Today was a big day, he would bring Elizabeth and the baby home. Still not really knowing what the truth was. He would just have to deal and let go of his feelings and make things as pleasant as he could.
  • He gets up and goes to the shower, taking a deep breath as the warm water hits his face and body.
  • “I can do this.” He says to himself, laying his head on the cold white tile wall of the shower.
  • He gets washed and dressed then heads downstairs seeing his brother in the kitchen making them something to eat.
  • “Hey bro, I will make sure the house is spotless and everything is taken cared of. That way when she comes home she doesn't have to do anything, but relax and take care of the baby.” Sean states.
  • “Thank you, bro. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Brian answers.
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