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Chapter 146 Excitement.

  • Brian closes down his computer and goes back to their bedroom, seeing Elizabeth just laying in their bed. Her eyes closed, the blanket laying on top of her middle. He sees she is wearing a red lacy nightie from the bodice. He knows she is feeling self-conscious about herself its why she is under the covers. He just chuckles to himself. Loving the way she looked, she turned him on no matter what and just thinking about the first time he had her, makes him hard.
  • She was so inexperienced at first but she was trusting in him, and willing to learn new tricks. Which he found fun and exciting. He knew she still held back on occasion, he saw her shyness at times, but they have come a long way.
  • Brian slides into bed on his side, he moves in closer to Elizabeth. From over her shoulder, he outstretches his hand, until his fingertips meet with her bare skin just below the nape of her neck. She moves into his touch, which lets him know she wants more. Which makes him pull himself even closer to her. His body heat warms Elizabeth’s back, and his soft breathing fills the center of her ear. In no time, he puts his hand under the blankets wanting to feel more of her. Moving his hand greedily over the curves of her body.
  • Brian’s fingertips lightly travel up Elizabeth’s hips to her stomach, then her breasts, he slides his hands over the red lace that lays underneath his touch, needing it gone so he can feel more of her skin to skin. He lightly lifts the bottom of the nightie up, sliding it up Elizabeth’s body. Letting her get up just a bit so he can pull it over her head, throwing it to the floor. His hands now wander all around her flesh. Touching her stomach, and now her breasts feeling them skin to skin, he cups one in his hands lightly rubbing and thumbing her nipple which gains him a light moan of pleasure.
  • Brian’s free hand pushes away some long blonde hair that covers Elizabeth’s neck before he licks his way up to her jaw, she arches herself back into him, as he licks and sucks on her ear lobe. Making her come undone at the seams. She can barely keep her moans quiet any longer. His touch sends flames throughout her body like it always has. Brian just watches her reaction, which makes him give out his own light moans. She drives him crazy, it didn’t take much for her to do to turn him on. Brian’s soft lips kiss down her neck to her breasts, Elizabeth now squirming up against him. Needing more.
  • Elizabeth can’t help but push back when he bucks his hips upward to grind his growing erection into her soft ass. Feeling him this hard just turns gets her going more. Brian goes for her leg and drapes it over his, so he has more access to her center. Still wearing the red lace panties, Brian can feel her wetness through them, which just makes him smirk.
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