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Chapter 143 City Hall.

  • Brian and Elizabeth’s relationship has gone back to normal, Brian really putting things on the side and being himself with her. He loves being close to her and being with her. He was also so happy that their wedding was coming up.
  • His brother and his girlfriend were going to be there to be the witnesses. He was happy to share this with him. It was the only family he had besides Elizabeth, and Tyler. They even ask Tyler to be at this wedding to make him feel included and wanted. So far Victoria hasn’t said a word to Brian, not even coming near him. She has been sticking to the plan of Sean picking Tyler up every weekend. Doing her best to stay away from him. Matt tries to be civil at the office even though deep down he dislikes Brian.
  • Brian was a little taken back to hear just how much Matt dislikes him, how much he is jealous of him and always has been. Brian didn't understand why. Matt was smarter and came from a ton of money. Matt had everything and Brian had nothing till now. He found that to be amusing. He knew to keep his eye out on him, that any real chance he had to screw him over he would. He needed to be on his toes at work. Not wanting to lose everything he was building up.
  • The week fly by fast and its time for the wedding. Elizabeth bought a simple cream lace dress to wear for the ceremony as of now she as getting pretty big and nothing was going to cover up the expanding belly. She has been looking forward to the wedding all week as well. Loving that she and Brian are back to normal. She wanted to keep it this way and try not to think about what was to come.
  • The day of the wedding, they both get dressed. Staying in the same house just using different bedrooms. They knew they were going to see each other before they were to get married. So far they didn't keep any traditions that were. Elizabeth kept them all the first time, She just thought and where did that get me? This time she was just going with the flow. Martha was in the bedroom with her helping her get dressed, as Sean and Tyler were helping Brian get dressed. Both very excited and really not able to wait, for this to happen.
  • “Are you really sure about this?” Martha asks.
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