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Chapter 141 Talking the Truth.

  • The next morning, they both wake up, Brian feeling a little better. He gets up and gets ready for work, as Elizabeth lays in bed, still a little shook up from last night.
  • She felt better knowing he wasn’t leaving and he still loved her. Just a lot of the same problems still remained. What was she really going to do with Ethan? Panic filled her heart and mind, still fearing that things would go downhill. No matter how much she tried to push herself to think positive.
  • She did know she was going to try to make it work, give it all she had to give. And yet even that still scared her.
  • Once Brian is dressed and ready to leave, he kisses Elizabeth goodbye being his normal self. Promising her and himself that he wasn’t ever going to push her away again. If nothing else came out of this, that did. He saw how much it hurt both of them, and how it got them nowhere.
  • Brian leaves for work and Elizabeth gets out her phone wanting to call Monica, needing to talk to a friend.
  • “Hey, Girl what's up? How did Valentine’s go?” Monica asks.
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