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Chapter 132 Entertaining Car Ride.

  • “Did You enjoy your dinner?” Brian asks.
  • “Yes, very much, but I enjoy every moment I am with you,” Elizabeth replies.
  • “I feel the same way about you, I always have,” Brian admits.
  • Elizabeth just smiles, going for the button to put the partition up, so that the driver can’t see or hear them. Brian just looks at her, not sure what she is up to. As normally they always keep it down.
  • Elizabeth moves herself closer to Brain, seating herself over his lap, thighs encasing his waist, faces mere inches from each other. Her arms going around his neck, giving him a passionate long hot kiss. Her hands running through his hair, tugging on it lightly.
  • “What are you doing? It is a little tight back here.“Brian says.
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