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Chapter 130 Friends.

  • Elizabeth gets to Monica’s office, going right in and taking a seat. She was used to going to the Agency now. She felt at home there. They all treated her like family. She and Monica would text each other often, even about things that had nothing to do with the book. After Elizabeth confided in Monica about the rape, they got closer to each other. Monica loved that Elizabeth and Brian got together. It was her real-life, story fairy tale. She just hoped it ended up like one and not a train wreck.
  • “Hey Girlfriend, I am so glad you stopped by. The first book is doing incredible. With the news about your divorce and that you and Brain are a thing, it seemed to work in your favor. Your fans are going crazy over it. A real-life Zach and Rachael. Just like I predicted.” Monica says.
  • “At least it's working out somewhere.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Oh no, What is wrong? You and Brian are ok? Shit today is Valentine’s all the love crap. Shouldn’t you two be doing something?” Monica asks.
  • “We are, we have dinner plans. Just ever since we got back from the wedding Brian seems distant. We ran into Ethan and he is making a big thing over the baby. Saying that it might be his, and if it is he wants custody. Telling me that we can raise the baby together in front of Brian. I think that hurt and pissed him off.” Elizabeth admits.
  • “Well hell yea, I am sure it did. Ethan is an ass, the more I hear about him, the more I dislike him. He wants custody of the child? Did he ever think you would tell the judge how the child was conceived? That he raped you? Really what the fuck is wrong with this man? I am amazed, Brian didn’t just sock him one and walk away.” Monica comments.
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