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Chapter 13 Salon

  • Brian and Elizabeth walked out of the conference room. Elizabeth’s heart beating out of her chest. Just thinking about what this very tall handsome man is going to look like with silver-grey hair.
  • When he looked at her, his blue eyes just pierced through her soul. He was better than she ever imagined. Everything about this man looked good. Was this a good idea to be around him, lusting after him? This was supposed to be for work, a new beginning. Then she thought what harm could it bring? I wanted something like this, let's go for it.
  • “Thank you for hiring me for the job. I really could use it.” Brian says on there way to the salon.
  • “No problem. You fit the job perfectly. I didn’t think that was going to happen today, but it did. I wasn't sure if anyone could fit into Zach's shoes.” Elizabeth states.
  • ” I am glad I can help, and that I fit the part. They really feel this book is going to be a big thing. So, I guess, that means we both will be.” Brian states.
  • “I guess so. I am not really in this for fame. It will just be nice to be independent, and for people to read and enjoy my work.” Elizabeth says.
  • “I can understand that.” Brian answers.
  • Once at the salon, Brian takes a seat and Elizabeth explains, what she wants to be done to Brian.
  • “I want the top to stay long. Cut the back shorter and die it silver grey. Make sure he can make bangs or push it back.” Elizabeth says.
  • Marcus doing everything Elizabeth states. Marcus is a tall skinny black male, with blonde short hair and brown dark eyes. He sashays around the salon while working on Brian. He is fun and filled with life. Keeping them both laughing all through the process. Marcus finds it fun to be giving such a young guy grey hair, plus he loves to be able to do different things with color.
  • Elizabeth takes a seat while they are working on Brian. Still in shock of how gorgeous this man truly was. She fell for him the minute she laid eyes on him. Just knowing she had to keep it professional. Not to do anything stupid. She sat in the uptown fancy salon, going through their table magazines while she waited, which seemed like forever. All kinds of thoughts going through her mind. It was racing with wonder, to even see what he will turn out to be.
  • Two hours later, Brian walks out from the back. Elizabeth looks up, her heart starts beating fast. Her hands are sweaty, as she sits there looking at the man, that was her fantasy. He was now real, to touch, to look at, and my oh my was he something to look at. The hair fits him to a T. Making him look just a tad older but distinguished. It even made his eyes if at all possible stand out more. He was incredible.
  • “Well, girl?” Marcus says.
  • “He is perfect. You did a wonderful job.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Great. Don’t forget every four weeks he will need a touch-up. So he remains what you want.” Marcus says.
  • “How do you like it? How do you feel?” Elizabeth asks Brian.
  • “Like a new man, I can get used to it. It is something different that's for sure.” Brian answers. Looking in the salon mirror at his new hair.
  • When they leave the salon, they head to a tailor that Monica had on standby. So they could dress him for the book signings to make him look the part. He gets some black dress pants, white shirts, and ties. As Zach was a detective, Brian would have to look the part. Which only make Elizabeth stare at him more. She could not help herself, while at the tailor Brian had to remove his pull over to try on the white shirt.
  • Elizabeth getting a great view of his very well-toned chest. Which Brian didn’t seem ashamed of showing at all. He liked Elizabeth staring at him. He just would watch her reaction, keeping it to himself. Feeling he was going to like this job. In a way, it would make him famous. Giving him his own security with money. Which was something he also wanted and he didn't mind a little play on the side.
  • The makeover for him was nothing. What was getting your hair died and new clothes? Who would bitch over that? IT was an honest job, and he needed the money. Turning into someone else for a while didn't seem like a bad thing either. It was a way to change his life as well.
  • When they were done, they both walked back to the Hilton hotel. Elizabeth just smiling at him. She couldn’t help herself. She felt like a school girl, with her first crush. The jitters inside didn't go away, the closer he got the more nervous she becomes.
  • “I am glad you enjoyed your day,” Elizabeth says in the lobby of the hotel. Trying her best to keep her cool.
  • “I did very much. Thank you, and thank you for the job. I believe we will work well together.” Brian answers.
  • “Me too. You have a good night. I will see you tomorrow at the agency.” Elizabeth replies. Getting on the elevator.
  • Brian nods and smiles at her. Going to his own room.