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Chapter 12 Meeting

  • A few days later, Monica calls Elizabeth, telling her she had a few men down at the agency. That if she would come down to see if any of them would fit being Zach’s appearance. Elizabeth tells her, she will be right there. Brushing her new highlighted blonde hair, and putting on a black pencil skirt with a soft pink blouse and black high heels. She then grabs her black wool coat, heading to the elevator.
  • While she is on the elevator, she just thinks what it would be like to see Zach in person. Would any of these men really fit him? He was make-believe after all. Made up by her imagination. Would anyone ever really be able to be him? He was just a fantasy. No one could be like him. Not to mention, the guy would only be someone working for her. Not a man that would want her romantically. He wouldn’t have the personality she gave Zach. He would be his own person. It was just to see what her made-up man would look like for real.
  • She would have feelings for him, due to what he looked like. He wouldn’t. It would just be a job for him. Now that she was thinking about it. She was wondering if this was even a good idea.
  • “Why do I even want this? To get my hopes up and he makes my fake guy into a real one. One that I won’t want anymore. He will do something to kill it. No man ever is perfect in every way. Then maybe that would be good? I will get this dumb obsession out of my head.“She thinks. Walking down to the Agency.
  • Once she gets there, she goes up to Monica’s Office. It was just a few doors down from Joann’s. Everything in her office gorgeous and lavish. The women here worked hard and got everything they wanted. They didn’t need any man to give it to them. They got it themselves. Elizabeth wanted that for herself, If nothing would come of this experience, she hoped that would. That she would be able to take care of herself financially and in every other way. Not needing Ethan anymore for anything. To be a strong independent woman that she never got the chance to be.
  • Elizabeth takes a seat in Monica’s office as she waits for her to appear. Which only takes a few minutes.
  • “Well, Girl. I have to say, I found eight lovely men. I put them all in the conference room. Of course, they don’t have the hair yet, but I figured you could see if any of them meet what you’re looking for. Then we can ask him to dye his hair. They are all guards. I figured that way, he will be a man that could protect you. They were all run through the system so we know they have no records. They are all clean.” Monica states.
  • “That sounds great. How old are they?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “They are thirty to thirty-five. They are young but not too young. Some were on the job for at least eight years. Some five. We will go into more after you pick the one you want.” Monica answers.
  • “Sounds great. Let’s go check them out.” Elizabeth states.
  • Elizabeth gets up from the chair a little nervous. Not really sure what she is going to find. If this is really a good idea or not? She just keeps her thoughts to herself. They get to the Conference room, which has eight men sitting down at a long table. Elizabeth and Monica walk in, Elizabeth’s eyes going to one man in particular. His eyes meeting hers as well. Monica sees as they both just stare at each other. Taken in by the other. Knowing that must be Elizabeth’s first choice.
  • In front of her sat this man with the bluest of eyes. They shined like diamonds piercing through her soul. Elizabeth saw nothing else. His eyes took her breath away.
  • Monica going up to this man.
  • “Brian, would you please stand up and let Elizabeth see how tall you are?” Monica asks.
  • “Of course. He responds with the smoothest voice.
  • When he stood, there was this 6′2 slender man standing in front of them. He was slender, yet still had abs. He was gorgeous with his blonde longish hair. Elizabeth still couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She was filled with all the feelings she never felt before, not believing he was in front of her.
  • “Elizabeth, may I speak to you for a second?” Monica asked.
  • “Sure.” She replied.
  • Both woman walking to the empty corner in the room.
  • “Well? Is that him? I noticed you didn’t even look at the other seven men.” Monica responds.
  • “Yes. That is him, he is gorgeous. I am sure women will flaunt themselves all over him. ” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Then he is it. I will let him know.” Monica answers.
  • “I want to thank all of you for coming here today. You are all free to leave. Brian if you would stay please.” Monica says.
  • The other seven men walking out of the conference room. Looking a little confused. Since she didn’t even notice any of them. Brian just stays seated wondering to himself what was going on.
  • “Brian, you got the job if you would like it?” Monica says.
  • “Yes, I would love it. What do you want me to do?” Brian asks.
  • “Well, first we will need you to go with Elizabeth to the salon. We will be redoing your hair to match what she created in the book. Everything else fitting what you need Elizabeth?” Monica asks.
  • “Yes. Everything else is perfect. “Elizabeth answers with a blush on her cheeks.
  • “Great. After that, we will get both of you together. So we can get the times, dates and places of where you both will be going. Brian, you will be her everything on this book tour. You think you can handle that?” Monica asks.
  • “It shouldn’t be a problem. I have traveled here and there. Anything she needs I will be there for her, it should be a simple job. If I may ask what are you going to do to my hair?” Brian asks.
  • ” We are going to shape and dye it. Your new color will be silver grey. Making you look distinguished, like Zach in the book. I also suggest you read the book. Since in a way, you will be playing him at book signings.” Monica replies with a sassy tone.
  • “OK, I will do that tonight.” He replies. Still staring at Elizabeth.