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Chapter 118 Karen's View of Things.

  • The night is over, and everyone goes their separate ways. Elizabeth not knowing anything about the conversation that took place outside the restaurant. Brian not really wanting to tell her, he didn’t want her to worry and be upset. So he keeps it to himself for now. Wanting this to be a nice trip.
  • He also felt he didn’t have anything to worry about, he knew the child was his. She was already two months pregnant when she was here last. It was no way Ethan’s, not that it would stop him from causing a ruckus.
  • Ethan hated Brian and vice versus. Ethan just saw it as a way to get them both back. Brian for his financial issues, and for taking his wife, and to Elizabeth for leaving him. Even though he knew their marriage was falling apart long before Brian, that didn’t stop him from blaming him.
  • Ethan gets into the car driving his mother home, her needing even more of his help now that his father was dead.
  • “Did you see that tramp walk in with him?” Karen asks.
  • “Mom, she really isn’t a tramp, but yes I saw them together.” Ethan states.
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