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Chapter 114 Revealing to Victoria

  • That month they are promoting the book flies by. Each state they go to, more and more people show up to see them. Making it very interesting, to say the least. Brain and Elizabeth have a great time together just like they did the first time around, except this time is even better. There is no hiding, no caring who sees. They are both carefree and natural together. Always enjoying each others company.
  • The sex has gotten better too, Elizabeth has let go a lot more, feeling at ease with Brain. Her pregnancy hormones helping a lot with it, making Brain happy in that department as well as others. He sees that Ethan and what he has done isn't holding her back anymore. Which surprises him and makes him relieved. He thought it would have taken even longer than it has.
  • At the end of the month, they both drive back to New Jersey both tired and happy from their travels. Both glad in a way, to go back to their regular life for a while, knowing that after their child is born, they will need to promote the second book. Elizabeth not too happy with the idea of leaving the child. Just trying not to think about it from now.
  • Once home, they both go into their house, putting down their luggage and sitting down on the sofa to relax, Elizabeth is now five months pregnant. She has a small belly, not too, big but big enough to tell she is pregnant. Every time Brian sees her tummy he smiles. The fact she is carrying his baby makes him feel even closer to her. This is something he really wanted, just not able to tell her that. Feeling it wouldn't happen, just now it did without even trying.
  • When the weekend comes, its time for Tyler to come to visit his father. Elizabeth goes out to pick up some take out, while Brian waits for Victoria to drop Tyler off. He isn’t very excited to have to talk to her, but he knows its part of the deal.
  • Victoria parks in the driveway then walks up to the door to knock, Brian answering it knowing it's her.
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