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Chapter 11 New York

  • When they land, there is a limo waiting to pick them both up at the airport. Taking them to the publishing agency. The Sky is The Limit Agency was run and owned by Joann Swift. It was a huge tall building, with at least twenty-five floors, in the middle of Manhattan. She was a very well known Publisher. For her to go personally, and get Elizabeth you knew it was something. That wasn’t something Joann always did. She just felt that Elizabeth had talent.
  • That the book would do well, and she wanted to be the one to make money off of it. Also hearing her story about her being a controlled housewife, made her want to help her even more. It just reminded Joann about her own mother. How she wished, she could have helped her. She might not have been able to back then, but she could help Elizabeth now.
  • “This is my Company, have a seat. We signed the papers back in Wisconsin in front of your Lawyer. So now I want you to meet your Publicist. Monica Williams is the best, anything she tells you to do. I want you to do it. It's all for a reason and she always gets the job done. I know the first thing is to get you a new look. I want you to take care of yourself. I will do everything else. Joann states.
  • “That sounds great. Where will I be staying? ” Elizabeth asks.
  • “There is a Hilton Hotel about a block from here. I already booked you a room.“Joann responds.
  • “Thank you. Thank you for everything.” Elizabeth states.
  • “It’s fine. Monica will be here shortly. I have a lot of work to do. So, I won’t be seeing you for the rest of the day. If you happen to need me. Here is my number. Have a great time here.” Joann says. Walking out of her office.
  • Only waiting for about ten minutes, sitting there in Joann’s office. Which was filled with the most finer of things. The chair she was sitting on, was the softest she ever sat on. The office was done in grey and white. Everything in there was very expensive. It reeked of money.
  • Monica walks in holding her Starbucks Latte. This very well put together tall, sassy, curvy, black woman, with wavy black hair and deep brown eyes.
  • “Hello, I am Monica. I am here to help you with anything you need. I would like to first take you to the salon and get your hair done. Then get you some clothes. You will need some for the book signings. We want you to look sophisticated. Then I will give you more info on the book signings. Where they are taking place and so on. ” Monica states.
  • “That’s all fine. I do have a request though.” Elizabeth responds.
  • “Sure, What can I help you with?” Monica answers.
  • “I know this might sound a bit weird, but I have never traveled before. I also don’t drive. I will need someone to drive me around and be with me. I would feel safer.” Elizabeth states.
  • “That’s fine, That’s not a bad request at all. We can make that happen.” Monica comments.
  • “I am not done yet. The person you hire as my driver and guide. I want him to look like Zach from my book. I think if he comes to the book signings with me, it might draw more attention. The women that like him in the book, will get a chance at seeing him in person.” Elizabeth remarks.
  • “Well, Hell. That might be a wonderful idea. That might also take attention off of you. Which I heard your shy, so that would work for us, making the women swoon. I like your idea. I will gather up some men I know. If you like you can help pick him. No one knows Zach more than you since you did create him. The silver hair we are going to have to make, but the blue eyes and sexy body, I know a few that fit that description.” Monica answers.
  • “Great, Thank you. I think working with you is going to be a lot of fun.” Elizabeth states.
  • “I think the same. Who would have ever thought of what you just purposed? You hanging with this secret guy may bring some interest in the book to.” Monica replies.
  • “I thought it might.” Elizabeth states. Getting up from the chair.
  • Elizabeth thought to herself, I got what I wanted. It wasn’t only about having a guide. That part wasn’t a lie. It was also about seeing her fantasy in real life. What would Zach be like? She would be able to touch him. That didn’t mean he would want her back or anything like that, but she would get to drool over him. Having some eye candy for this trip. And yes, it would work for some publicity. Just making her dream a reality had its perks.
  • They both head out of the office, Monica taking Elizabeth to the downtown salon. Once at Zig Cuts, Monica tells Lee Wong, this short, skinny Chinese man, to trim and highlight Elizabeth’s hair. It was long and brown. It was flat, It had nothing. Monica wanted to liven it up a bit. Then letting her get her nails done. Not too long just polished. Looking well taken cared of.
  • After that Monica takes her to Nordstroms. She picks out some dresses, some pant sets. Anything she thought she would look good in. Having outfits for every occasion. Also getting her to wear heels. Which Elizabeth hasn’t worn in ages. There was no need to. This would take some getting used to. The time Monica was done, Elizabeth looked like a new woman. She was totally beautiful. You could now see all her finer points. Turning her into a woman she hasn’t been in a long time, if ever.
  • It was a long day, Elizabeth gets back to the Hotel late in the evening. Starving and tired. Not sure of which to do first, sleep or eat. Not to mention, she is blown away by the hotel room. The king size bed just for herself. She pours herself a glass of water and just sits on the bed. Looking out the large window with one hell of a view. It takes her breath away. She is really here. Not even recognizing herself in the mirror. She orders room service and just sits in bed eating. Watching a little TV, then falling asleep. Still pinching herself to see if any of this was real.