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Chapter 108 On the Road Again.

  • Elizabeth and Brian get their bags packed and ready to go. It's only going to be for a month that they are gone, they are pretty much use to it by now. They were looking forward to being around each other like they were the first time around. Able to spend more time, without Brian having to work a regular job like at home.
  • Their first stop being in New York which wasn’t far from where they lived, or far from where Brian works. Their first appearance was only blocks away. Just like when they first started out, bringing back memories.
  • Brian and Elizabeth enjoy the car ride together, like always talking and listening to the radio.
  • “Brian, I changed the ending of the book,” Elizabeth says out of nowhere.
  • “What do you mean? I thought the book was done? You already gave the script to Monica.” Brian says.
  • “I did, but I rethought it. The new ending has a cliffhanger, where I can write part three.” Elizabeth answers.
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