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Chapter 106 Informing Monica

  • New years is finally over, Brian and Elizabeth spending their first New Years' Eve with Brian's brother Sean and his girlfriend Martha. To them, it didn't matter where they spent it, as long as it was together. New Year's day they spent alone at their own home, just the two of them. Knowing that the days to come would be hectic.
  • Elizabeth also knowing that before they leave she has to spring the news to Monica about the baby. She needs to inform her so she knows before it gets out. She just doesn't know how she is going to take this.
  • The day before heading out on the tour, Elizabeth and Brian both go to the publishing company to let Monica know. Brian now makes sure he goes with her, to anything important. He doesn't ask anymore, he just goes. Knowing if he asks, she will probably say she has it. Which he knows, she may but having someone to lean on is always nice. He wants to prove to her, that no matter what he will be there. This life was them together.
  • Once at the company, they both take a seat in Monica's office waiting for her. Both knowing she is always a tad late. It's just her, and neither of them mind. They were used to it now, not only that, they both liked her very much. They didn't only work for her, they became friends.
  • “Oh, My, Here you two are! Look at you, How was your holidays? Damn Brian, that hair needs a trim before you leave.” Monica laughs.
  • “I thought, I was going for the blinded by hair sexy look? Our holiday was great, and yours?” Brian chuckles.
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