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Chapter 103 Is It Or Isn't It?

  • In the next few days, Elizabeth calls her OBGYN making an appointment to see her. She gets her in before the New Year. Since In January, She and Brian will be off on a few places for the book tour. She wanted to make sure everything was going well with the baby before heading off. Not wanting any surprises while they were away.
  • She also wanted to know how far along she was. She was hoping it would let her know who the father was, so she wouldn't have to carry around this guilt inside. Also able to let Brian no either way, so if he changes his mind, she knows sooner than later.
  • She still had it in her mind if it wasn't his, he would never stay. Why would he want to take someone else's child? Of all else, Ethan's? This was something she truly never thought would be her.
  • Sleeping and being with one man for half a lifetime and now this? Not knowing who your baby's daddy is. Nothing could be any worse in her eyes. This wasn’t her at all. Yet, here she was, the things she said to Karen, were now slapping her back in the face. I guess Karma does come to get you. She just felt she dealt with so much, in her lifetime. Now even this? She would just have to step up and deal with it, as she has with everything else. No matter who the father was, it was her child. The more she thought about it, the more she was getting used to the idea of having another child, and protecting it at any cost.
  • The day of the Ultrasound, she and Brian get ready to leave to go to the doctor's appointment, both not sure if they are ready to hear what's to come. Brian just keeps all his emotions and fears to himself. Knowing this has to be rough on Elizabeth as it was.
  • While Brian is driving to the doctors, he knows he should say what is on his mind, before hearing the results today. He feels what he has to say would mean more said before rather than afterward.
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