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Chapter 101 Mixed Feelings

  • Elizabeth lays in bed, with the tiny kitten by her side, most of the evening. Not even leaving the room to eat since she has no appetite. She doesn’t text or call Brian at all. Not able to bring herself to tell him on the phone what is going on.
  • While Brian is at work, he texts Elizabeth back after his meeting is over to get nothing in return. Which was very odd. It makes him wonder if something went wrong? He figures he will wait a bit, maybe she got busy with something and return his text in a few.
  • At the end of the workday, Brian checks his phone again, getting no response from Elizabeth. Now he is worried. He just gets into his car and heads home, feeling maybe she forgot to charge the phone. There had to be a good reason for her not to pick up or text back.
  • After the car ride home, Brian pulls up to the house, he sees everything dark, like no one is even home. He enters the door to everything still dark, no lights on, no food cooking. Nothing.
  • “Elizabeth,” Brian yells from downstairs.
  • Brian walks upstairs to the dark bedroom to put on the light finding Elizabeth laying in bed.
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