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Chapter 100 Fear

  • Elizabeth walks out of the Doctors office taking a seat on the bench outside, just sitting there in shock.
  • “How could this be? Oh god, is it Brian’s? ..........Or Ethan's?” Elizabeth says to herself with a panic inside her. Feeling more queasy then ever.
  • All she can think about is the rape, did Ethan do this? If so she would be stuck with him for another 18 years. He would have to be in their lives, wanting to see this child.
  • They lived in different states that would cause more problems. Ethan wanting to take the child to Wisconsin, and her living in New Jersey. The child moving back and forth and always in the middle of them. It wouldn’t be raised like her others if nothing else they had a stable environment. Both parents together for them. This child would have them fighting and pulling it in all directions! It was the reason Elizabeth stayed with Ethan for all those years, so the other children didn’t have to go through this.
  • She also thought this would kill the relationship with Brian on so many levels. First, would he ever be able to raise Ethan’s child? Would he hate her and resent the child? All these thoughts ran through her mind, taking over. She hated the thought of having another child with Ethan. She was free of him, this would set everything back and mess up everyone’s life. Brian paying the most, having to deal with another man's child. And the problems he didn't create.
  • Then she thought if it was Brian's it would nice to raise a child with him, giving him something she thought she never would be able to. Just at the same time, feeling she was over having babies and it was time for her and her career. How would she do it now no matter who the father was? Just at least if it was Brian’s she didn't mind, they would figure it out.
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