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The Fantasy Affair

The Fantasy Affair


Update: 2020-04-22

Chapter 1 Time

  • Elizabeth Marks is a regular everyday housewife. She has been married for twenty years to the same man, Ethan Marks, who she met when she was a young girl nineteen years old.
  • Elizabeth and Ethan have two children together. Two daughters, Sofia soon to be eighteen and sixteen year old Isabella, both very close to their mother, both good kids. Both very wanted and loved by both parents.
  • Ethan was an old fashion man, keeping his wife and both daughters very sheltered. He didn’t mind his wife staying home taking care of the kids. It just meant he knew, where she was. He was old fashioned in that way, and in many other ways.
  • He didn’t believe in his wife going to work. He felt the children needed her, that he needed her. Plus it was also his way of having full control of her and everything else, being the only one to bring in money.
  • Their marriage was a regular normal boring one. The romance fizzled out of it a long time ago. Now they were just together out of habit and their children, which they both loved dearly. It was the one thing they had in common. It was the only thing holding them together.
  • Ethan was a tall, tan, and handsome man. He was about 6 feet tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. He was tall and thin having a pretty good shape on him. He went to work every day. Doing his hardest to bring home the ends meat, so his family could have what they needed. He would make sure his children had everything they needed and wanted. If nothing else, he was a good father.
  • He had a desk job working as a car salesman. They lived in a small two-bedroom home, in Wisconsin. It wasn’t anything to write home about but it was theirs. It was what they could afford with just one income coming in and two children. It was almost paid off now and would finally be called theirs.
  • Elizabeth stayed home, doing everything the kids needed, which for right now, they where almost adults themselves. They didn’t depend on her as they use to. She had plenty of time for herself, which, she wasn't used to. She was always used to running here and there, doing everything for her kids. Always at school functions or anything that involved her children. She was a good mom, there for them no matter what. Just the time was coming, that they would do more and more on their own. Not needing her as they use to.
  • Which left Elizabeth bored. She would clean the house and get ready for the girls and Ethan to come home from work. They would all sit down at the table than talk about their days, asking what took place. After dinner, they all went their own ways. The girls to their room, Ethan to the sofa to watch TV, and Elizabeth upstairs, to watch TV or search the web for recipes or whatever else suited her.
  • Elizabeth was forty years old. She was very pretty with brown eyes and brown hair. She had a small petite frame, which was very slender, having curves where needed. She didn’t dress fancy or wear makeup. She was a very simple everyday woman. Spending more time and money on taking care of her children than herself. She gave up makeup and fancy clothes to make sure the bills were paid, and kids were taken care of. She didn't mind, it was for her family, she didn't need all that.
  • Elizabeth would be upstairs laying in bed, wearing her flannel PJ's searching the web. When her husband Ethan would come to bed, he would just flop on his side and go to sleep. The spark in their marriage was long gone. The heat and desire one looks for, faded and wasn't even really there from the start. They were more like brother and sister now just living in the same house. Taking care of the kids, the house and what needed to be done.
  • One night, as Elizabeth sits there in bed with the laptop on her lap. She remembers, how she used to write when she was a young girl. How she loved to write love stories. Just at the time, she was young and very inexperienced in love and sex. Yet, she still tried to write about it. Just giving up on it once she met Ethan. Getting married and taking care of their two children took up a lot of her time. Not to mention, she thought it would be a waste of her time. Who would really read her stories? She was just dreaming. A small-town country girl with just a high school education from Wisconsin. She just shrugged it off back then and forgot about it, until now.