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Chapter 43 - Calm Before The Storm

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • Nikola, if he somehow survived the mansion’s explosion and fire, must have been bidding his time. For five consecutive days, not one news of him or Iopata arrived. It was as if the man never existed. Karl had been constantly on surveillance with Iopata’s associates, but nothing significant came to the Club’s attention. With Sergio Svaneti gone, it was possible that Iopata had gone down too, six feet below the ground with its evil and destructive ways.
  • But amidst the lack of threat, Erik’s recent possessive attention on me had quadrupled. Well, he was already one before but since the events in the Iopata Mansion, he had not let his guard down.
  • Just as he said, he made me stay in his underground office, which by the way was an understatement. The office looked like a bachelor’s pad complete with everything a normal house needed. There was a kitchen equipped with the necessary materials and appliances for cooking. There were two bedrooms that housed two huge bathrooms. The room that I am in that had four stacked big flat-screen monitors is Erik’s bedroom slash work space. Work space that was Iopata related to be exact.
  • We had made love a couple of times in there and in other places of the underground hideout. A good routine to help us momentarily forget the issues of reality - one of them being Rohan’s death.
  • Aside from our intimate interactions, Erik and I underwent constant kickboxing spars. Vincent told me once that if it was karate, I would have been a red belter now, enough for me to defend myself from robbers and/or kidnappers. The mafia however was another story and so Erik had taken it upon himself to teach me more.
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