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Chapter 40 - Mask of Indifference

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • Mr. Svaneti strode first out of the balcony with us following behind him. He had a noticeable limp in his left leg and he supported it with a metal cane engraved with the symbol of Iopata.
  • As an old man, he wasn’t really someone to be feared with in terms of physical strength. It was possible that all the admiration, respect and submission under his rule came from his previous conquests in life. I don’t second guess his capacity to kill someone though, and I don’t second guess that he’d even feel guilty after it. No matter the warmth he showed me earlier, Mr. Svaneti as the Iopata Boss meant that he was the one responsible for all the misfortunes of many people.
  • If I am to contemplate on it, his sons, yes, his sons were better fit to be feared by many. Not only do they have the blood to wreak havoc, they also have the youth, strength and intelligence to do so.
  • It is just fortunate enough that the world has at least one on its side - Erik specifically - who doesn’t have an evil will like Nikola.
  • Or does he? With how Erik acted uncaring earlier, I’m beginning to think otherwise.
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