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Chapter 39 - Inside the Lair of the Enemy

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • The car ride going to Iopata’s safe house was a silent one. Of course, as expected of the son of a mafia boss, it wasn’t just a car ride. It was a limousine ride complete with goons wearing black suits as our bodyguard. There were four of them escorting us riding in a different shady vehicle, all armed and ready in case there’s a threat to their boss’ life. Mr. Startsev and Luca were nowhere to be seen, but I had a feeling I’ll be seeing them in our destination later.
  • Sitting far to the left away from Nikola, I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to argue with his plans anymore.
  • Earlier when he said that he will introduce me to his father as his fiancée, I vehemently opposed him and did it by not standing from the bed. Guess what he did after that? He pointed the same gun at me and threatened to fuck my lifeless body after I die. I was of course frightened to the bone and stood up as quick as I could. I saw a sinister smile broke from his lips then, drawing out a violent lurch in my stomach.
  • That feeling in my stomach had now subsided, but not the fear, especially with the presence of the gun still tucked in his back.
  • Twin or not, no words could express how I hate this guy. No wonder Erik didn’t mention him to me. But I wonder, does he even know that he has a twin?
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