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Chapter 34 - Bed on Fire

  • ~ Erik ~
  • Dark was the room Mr. Hyde had placed me in one day. I had huddled myself in a corner for probably half an hour confused and feeling lost. I don’t know why he placed me here, but I believe the reason wouldn’t be any better. He and his men had been my companion for a year since they spirited me away from the Dominican convent. I knew of their criminal ways. I knew of his psychotic tendencies. Not one instance had I seen good in them... good in him.
  • Probably half an hour of staying, the door swung open to let in light.
  • Finally my suffering in this deserted room ends, I thought to myself, but when a person stepped in, and not just any person, a woman in fact, I realized Mr. Hyde’s twisted game had just begun.
  • The woman, most likely in her early twenties, sobbed as she cuddled herself in a makeshift bed. I don’t even know there was a bed until she sought protection in it.
  • But I doubt a thin foam would protect her from what was to come.
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