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Chapter 30 - Birthday Party for Two?

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • As the song goes, “The sun still shines, the sun still sets,” so I had no excuse not to be productive this day.
  • After what happened last night, I developed a hangover. I remember we partied hard. We were more than tipsy when it was time to leave but Mr. Clyde (thank God for his impeccable timing), drove us to our respective abodes.
  • Although my head felt like it was being hit by a raging bullet train, I pushed myself to stand up. First things first, I needed to freshen up; take a long warm jasmine-scented bath, eat my breakfast downstairs and prepare for my day at my mother’s office. She did invite me to lunch today reasoning that she missed me and that we needed to catch up on things, business related. Not to mention that she wanted some juicy details while I stayed in the chateau.
  • I did the first two lists in one and a half hours. Tia Sofia really is an indispensable woman when it comes to cooking my favorite dishes. I ate a raspberry cookie butter-dipped waffle and partnered it with freshly squeezed orange juice, both of which were simply heaven. Aside from the food, she also helped me prepare the bath tub where I soaked myself peacefully for an hour.
  • Peacefully, was an understatement though for my mind from time to time wandered off to different matters, and when I say different, I mean Erik-related, especially his look-alike I saw last night at the bar.
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