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Chapter 28 - How Deep Can She Go?

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • Erik’s c0ck.
  • Check all that applies: Veined. Stone-hard. Slick with pre-cum. Smooth. Mouth-wateringly huge.
  • When I pulled his yoga pants, Erik junior was exactly what I imagine a man’s cock would be. It greeted me with a slight twitch and my mouth could have swallowed an eager saliva in reaction.
  • Such a feat in my life what I am about to do, but it is without hesitation or doubt. I wanted to return the favor on Erik, but I doubt my hands would be enough pumping on his shaft. My mouth was a better way to do it. But honest to goodness, I wanted to taste him too. Although this would be my first time, I felt already daring enough to be this intimate with him.
  • And I thank Ericka’s erotica movies for this.
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