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Chapter 22 - Between Truth and Dare

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • Since I didn’t have anything to do and since Erik told me to clean his room while away, I went there with that in mind.
  • After entering his chamber, I immediately started towards the bathroom where all the cleaning essentials I assume were placed. I scoured the top and down elegant cabinets, determined, and found some rags, a bottle sprayer, cleaning agents and a portable vacuum machine. Putting them in a plastic basket, I felt myself tipping towards Cinderella.
  • Now, I feel I am a maid with all of this stuff on hand.
  • I shrugged my shoulders anyway and continued on my plan, but as I stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, I realized that there was nothing to clean at all. The carpeted floor was cloud-white and fresh-looking, the bed, pillow and its linens were in order, and the cabinets and shelves were well organized and free of dust. The same goes to the walk-in closet, so I charged into the receiving room, hoping to find something to work in there. However, a similar dilemma was brought out to me which included the mini bar being as spotless as ever.
  • Although confused with it, in the back of my head I knew the person responsible for it: Mr. Ian. He is one damn efficient butler and I respect him for it. However, when I checked on a room at the far end of the receiving area, I found him not as meticulous as I expected him to be.
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