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Chapter 21 - Keeping Up With Shakespeare

  • ~ Vincent ~
  • “Vincent! Hey!” Daniella exclaimed the moment she realized it was I. With her surprised reaction, it didn’t take me long to realize that she was in disbelief.
  • I couldn’t blame her really. Returning to the chateau this early in the middle of our mission was unexpected. Circumstances had me deciding to come back here leaving the others to finish the task, most especially Erik since this mission had something to do with Iopata’s Cloud Blue shipment - his old man’s illegal trails.
  • Of course Erik didn’t like me returning here. If he could put up a tantrum, he would have done so long ago and I tell you, his definition of tantrum meant putting a bullet in a man’s head. But since we are in the same coterie and I am his friend, he couldn’t do it other than giving me a warning glare to stay away from Daniella.
  • I knew that something was up between these two since they returned from Rohan’s session. Unfortunately, the guru didn’t give me the juicy details so I was left pondering on my own. I am sure of one thing though, that Erik’s concrete moves on Daniella have already begun.
  • I guess the fire has already been lit.
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