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Chapter 17 - Dodging Cinderella's Duties

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • As the saying goes, “Take up the challenges of the present and leave the past behind.” Yesterday was a past I would happily leave in the deep recesses of my brain. I won’t allow it now to hunt me especially that today is my unveiling party. Still, Erik didn’t mention about it last night, but when I checked on my phone the moment I woke up, his message told me the exact information I wanted, but with a different twist.
  • ‘Before you go to your ball at eleven, my Cinderella, clean my bathroom first. My bed needs some attention too so don’t forget to change the linens and pillow cases. I’ll be in the gym with Enrique doing kickboxing, so make sure when I arrive, I have a full-on protein breakfast ready.’
  • Tsk. Certainly I feel like I am in a cheap Cinderella movie where I am forced to become a maid to an evil soul. Only the difference is that this remake doesn’t have a mad step-mother but a devil and that devil is in the form of my eager master, Erik Romano Fancii.
  • Before going in his room, I did my morning routine first. I showered, brushed, did my hair into a ponytail and wore light clothes of a simple tee and denim shorts.
  • I was intent on doing everything he wanted (although it was against my will), but then, when I stepped out of my room, Suri was already waiting for me outside wearing a cheeky grin. Behind her was Mr. Clyde, smiling kindly at me.
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